Holcombe Scholars

The Brad and Terry Holcombe Scholars is a scholarship fund managed by the University of South Florida Foundation. Each year, freshmen entering the University of South Florida are awarded new scholarships. There are currently 16 Holcombe Scholars at the University of South Florida. There have been 70 scholarship recipients. The first cohort was in 2007.

What We Provide

Our objective is to ensure each student has every opportunity to succeed.

  • This scholarship, when combined with other financial sources, is intended to provide funding up to the full cost of attendance (as determined by the University).

  • All Holcombe Scholars receive advising and mentoring through the USF Honors College.

  • There is a Holcombe Scholars Graduate Assistant who works with each student providing guidance and support.

  • Students are provided summer class assistance and tutoring as needed.

The scholarship is both a need-based and merit-based scholarship competition. Awards are disbursed over four fall and four spring semesters, or ending after receipt of the student's first bachelor's degree. Students must reapply each year for the scholarship. Returning Holcombe Scholars who maintain the eligibility requirements will be renewed as long as funding is available.

Why We Do It

  • The purpose of the scholarship is to help provide what each individual student needs to be successful, while allowing students to be students. We provide students who may otherwise struggle with the financial burden of gaining a college education an opportunity to get that education without having to give up life as a student or graduating with significant financial debt.

  • Our hope is that each Holcombe Scholar will graduate from the University of South Florida and be successful in their chosen field. And that each one of them will then share their success with others.

  • Why first generation students? We are looking to effect multigenerational change. Once the first member of a family obtains a college degree, it is highly likely the trend will continue.

  • Why at the University of South Florida? It is a great institution, and we are proud alumni.

How We Do It

Each applicant must:

  • Be a first generation college applicant (neither parent has a college degree).

  • Be a citizen of the United States and a Florida resident.

  • Have been accepted to attend the University of South Florida.

Selection of applicants is based on:

  • Proven academic performance.

  • Outside interests and activities.

  • Financial need.

  • Other circumstances.

Additional requirements include:

  • Students must live on-campus for their freshman and sophomore years.

  • Students are not expected to have employment during the fall or spring terms.

Requirements to maintain the scholarship include:

  • Earning a minimum of 30 USF credit hours each academic year.

  • Maintaining a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Other requirements may be present, and requirements may change from year-to-year.